Tip of the Day

Always tell the truth, that way, you do not have to remember what you have said.” Mark Twain

With increasing numbers of women and men disclosing accounts of sexual assault, a trauma informed approach to justice is required which safeguards the vulnerable and facilitates less personally damaging, yet effective disclosure and case handling.

Professionals exposed to traumatic case material / individuals who suffer, can often be adversely impacted, thus affecting and potentially impairing health, well-being and competence, sometimes with unintended consequences to vulnerable people and case handling.

Likewise, the legal process can be daunting for the experts who enter it, diminishing the ability to present evidence effectively.

My purpose is to provide positive learning opportunities which enable clients to:-

  • identify vulnerability more swiftly and accurately
  • work more effectively with and for clients / witnesses / parties /service users
  • understand the nature of and respond to the impact of burnout and secondary traumatic
  • boost personal resilience and well-being
  • save time and costs