A Toolkit for Tough Times

a toolkit for tough times“To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.” Theodore White

A Toolkit for Tough Times is a one day workshop for professionals who are:

  • open minded
  • facing challenges at work
  • willing to take responsibility for their choices

Problems and difficulties provide excellent opportunities that enable people to access, experience and express their innate power.

The teaching is based on The Principles of True Power©, a programme Lee evolved to transcend exceptional life challenges, when no external source could help her.

Lee’s message is, “no matter what adversity you face, you can overcome it. I have, you can too. Here’s how!”

The day will be intuitively and spontaneously led by Lee Moore. Teaching techniques include interaction, discussions, visualizations and enjoyment!


  • to introduce new tools and principles for dealing effectively with challenges
  • to offer a different and positive perspective on adversity and challenge
  • to show participants how to apply those tools to transform the challenges they face
  • to provide practical examples on how to transform adversity into opportunities for learning, authentic empowerment and growth


Participants and their challenges are the course material


By the end of the workshop participants will:-

  • know how to access, experience and express their innate power
  • possess new tools for responding effectively to challenge
  • be insulated against being crushed and demotivated by systems
  • know how to reduce self – doubt / enhance self-confidence and belief
  • possess knowledge enabling them to maintain balance and equanimity in challenging situations
  • feel more energized.

“Lee … Thank you for your truly inspirational session presented at University Campus Suffolk Ipswich on Tuesday 28th April. You helped us see ways of overcoming challenges and to recognize how adversity can be a gift – an opportunity for growth and personal development. I hope you feel proud of what you are achieving in helping others to find their inner strength and inner resourcefulness.”
Kevin Pettican, Programme Leader Social Work, University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich, Suffolk.

For more information, email lee@leemooreco.com