Disclosure & Statement Taking

This one day day training is for professionals who work with adults who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood.


  • To provide new insights, knowledge and practical guidance on how to facilitate disclosure and the provision of accurate evidence, from adults who have been abused in childhood.
  • To enhance professional confidence and competence for individuals who work with
    people who have been abused in childhood.
  • To enhance client care and reduce potential harm to client and practitioner


  • Preparation for initial contact & statement taking
  • Why people do not disclose
  • Disclosure issues for the client
  • The importance of boundaries
  • The impact of disclosure upon the professional and client
  • Facilitating disclosure and closure
  • The content of statements


Practitioners will possess:

  • a greater understanding of the client’s experience
  • knowledge on how to prepare for and deal with disclosure
  • more awareness of traumatic triggers, how to avoid and/or deal with them
  • new skills for facilitating disclosure
  • greater confidence and competence
  • tools to enhance client care


Training is delivered by Lee Moore, who has taken over 90 professional witness statements from people who alleged sexual abuse in childhood. As first Co-ordinator of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers for 10 years, she was exposed to, heard and facilitated hundreds of disclosures of sexual abuse in childhood. In 2001 Lee pioneered and presented the first CPD accredited training on disclosure & statement taking for personal injury lawyers, working with clients abused in childhood.