Working More Effectively with Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual AbuseThroughout the United Kingdom significant numbers of adults continue to disclose accounts of child sexual abuse. Dealing with such cases can be challenging for lawyers, police officers, probation officers and other professionals who work with them.

Frequently, the health, social, law enforcement and legal processes can, albeit unintentionally, replicate and on occasion, exacerbate trauma and harm when vulnerable people are exposed to professionals who do not possess the requisite knowledge, skills and tools to deal with this type of case and client. This can result in harm to both professionals and people with direct experience of sexual assault and abuse.

This one day course is for a maximum of 12 participants

Clients to arrange venue.


  • to provide a conceptual framework which enables the vulnerable person’s experiences to be understood and worked with more effectively
  • to offer guidance on how to identify and deal with triggers in both the professional and the men and women they work with.
  • to enhance professional competence and confidence
  • to reduce potential harm to professionals and the people they work with


  • definitions – what is child sexual abuse
  • the nature and impact of the trauma of sexual abuse in childhood
  • specific and non-specific cues [triggers]
  • features of abuse and how they impact case handling
  • identifying and maintaining boundaries
  • new skills, tools and knowledge to work more effectively with victims


By the end of the day participants will:

  • possess knowledge to reduce the risk of harm to victims
  • know how to improve case handling
  • possess greater  confidence
  • possess knowledge that may result in savings of time and money


Trainer: Lee Moore. Lee has been a pioneer in the field of child sexual abuse. Founder of The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, Lee has been designing and presenting training for professionals working with people who have been abused in childhood since 1998. Lee possesses unique personal and professional experience in this field.

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