I attended the Confidence in Court   training yesterday. I just want to say it was an exceptional course. The lady who did the training was absolutely incredible. (Lee Teresa Moore) Her knowledge the manner in which she presented the course was professional and I have to say it was a pleasure to have met her and her wealth of knowledge speaks for itself.  I gained a lot out of it and certainly feel a lot more confident if I had to attend court. Just wanted to feed this back.


S C. - Psychologist

“Thank you so much for the excellent Secondary Stress training day last Friday. The evaluations were extremely positive and all indicated the need for us to have such training. All the doctors clearly identified that they find the job stressful and, while some things we cannot change, there are certainly things that we can all do to protect ourselves and have a better work life balance. As a manager it has certainly helped me to realize that my team is stressed and better appreciate individual difficulties – whilst I am supportive I know there are more measures I can take to improve the emotional well-being of my colleagues and will endeavour to put systems in place.”

Consultant Paediatrician - Named Doctor for Child Protection North Wales.

“On the subject of training on abuse, we at ACAL (Association of Child Abuse Lawyers) used to organise this for our members some years ago as a pre-condition of entry to the organisation under the very capable hands of Lee Moore, who is a non-practising barrister. She is a professional trainer, who has trained lawyers before. I have had the benefit and privilege of her training, and she certainly comes highly recommended. She does professional witness training, also, for experts. Lee has many years of experience, and is a former President of our Association.”

Peter Garsden, Partner, Simpson Millar - Chair Association of Child Abuse Lawyers

“Lee offers a means of crossing the gap from fear to integrity which is inspirational and totally sincere”

Richard Monk CMG OBE QPM, - Former Commander, New Scotland Yard and UN Police Commissioner in Bosnia and in Kosovo

“Lee … Thank you for your truly inspirational session presented at University Campus Suffolk Ipswich in April. You helped us see ways of overcoming challenges and to recognize how adversity can be a gift – an opportunity for growth and personal development. I hope you feel proud of what you are achieving in helping others to find their inner strength and inner resourcefulness.”

Kevin Pettican - Programme Leader Social Work, University Campus Suffolk | Ipswich, Suffolk

“I got the job – and am two months in – and absolutely loving it. Your coaching helped me a great deal in the prep and in getting into the right state of mind. I saw off seven other strong candidates – so there was strong competition.”

Senior Executive in Disney EMEA

“Your training was a huge success. It turned a dysfunctional group who were always falling out with each other into a motivated, productive team who were supportive of each other. Your interactive, fun style broke down the barriers and got people talking and sharing. Fourteen months later up to the time of my retirement the benefits of your training remained. Well Done!”

Ann Leedham Smith - Former Director for RCN | West Midlands

“Lee definitely helped me heal and release my ME in ways I never thought possible. I reconnected with my inner being, released many fears and in consequence my creativity and paintings have become more inspired. This gave me the confidence to move from charging £2.50 for card designs to selling my paintings for £3,000. I would not have had the confidence to charge so much or reclaim my power without attending courses and private consultations with Lee.”

H. Winterborn - Artist | Oxfordshire

“Lee: I have very strongly recommended to Denton Wilde Sapte that they should only use you. Your advice was invaluable. I was told I did very well in the Tribunal. Many thanks!”

Claire Enders - Claire Enders Enders Analysis. London

“Lee is incredibly warm, wise and intuitive. She has taught me how to look at my life from a completely different perspective. Because of Lee I now understand how my life is shaped by my own beliefs and desires – and how limiting they can be. After working with Lee I feel I can create the life I truly want – I feel more balanced, lighter and clearer. All the ‘victim stuff’ has fallen away (I didn’t realise how much I played that card) and the sense of relief and POWER I feel is amazing. Although we haven’t spent that much time together, the impact has been huge, in a gentle way I am truly thankful to Lee and wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher, guide and visionary. Writing this has made me realise how much my life has changed since I met you.”

A N - Business Owner

“Lee was absolutely amazing! She was vibrant and compelling as she disclosed her own painful and traumatic past and shared her own recovery path. Lee has created a way forward that all of us can follow.’ I found the mix of intense feeling and passion mixed with fun and her ability to laugh at herself a powerful concoction that drew us all along and left me totally believing that no matter where you come from it is possible to move forward into a life with joy.”

Anne Jones - Author | UK

“The course was brilliant. It increased self awareness and gave me the insight and ability to metabolise stress. Lee is vibrantly inspiring and shows remarkable personal courage. She is an example of what is taught. The course increased my confidence in dealing with stress.”

G G - Paediatrician

“I have known Lee for thirty years and witnessed her transformation. Intelligent and hard working, Lee suffered much on account of the abuses she experienced when young and later in married life. She lacked confidence and did not fulfil the potential she obviously had. However, she tackled her problems and overcame them. Lee is now a very confident lady, who presents herself with dignity. Able to speak on many subjects with cogency and persuasion, Lee possesses ideal credentials to teach, write and speak about True Power.”

Cmdr Donald Davies - Maritime Arbitrator

“Dear Lee – It was such a pleasure to have a session with you. I felt very empowered as a result. In fact, I immediately suggested to Claire that it would be very handy for you to do a seminar on what it is you have to offer.”

Dr Alice Enders - Phd, Analyst | London

“Dear Lee – It was a great session and everyone agreed they got a lot out of it. More than anything, building the team spirit is also important as people tend to remain in their silos a bit too much! We really appreciate the effort you put in and your method was supreme! Get the blokes talking … I will confirm the dates and get back to you.”

Dr Alice Enders - Phd | London

“I have to say that the course I did with you in May was incredibly helpful and really changed my perspective. I did a couple of other courses/seminars later in the year and walked out thinking so what have a learned? Not much, and yet your day stayed with me.” –

S. W - Sales Representative | London

“Just to say another big thank you yesterday was above and beyond my expectations and I found the day so inspiring. I loved the exercises we did and in times of darkness the light will help me maintain my positive energy. Since I’m only 23 I think it’s important to know who I am and be happy and not self critical in order to work effectively and positively with children and families who I am inspiring. Thanks again for a magnificent day!”

K M - Participation Worker Children Services

“Lee showed me how pain in our lives can be transformed to LOVE and JOY.”

A E - Accountant | Cyprus

“I had a fabulous time during the weekend and I Thank You for the moments we shared. It is beautiful to get an insight of how to bring LOVE in business and private life.”

M Z - Chief Operations Officer | Cyprus

“I would like to express my gratitude at the knowledge I gained at your Introductory Workshop. I felt empowered by the end with confident thoughts buzzing. I did not realize my gift.”

S Parker - Artist | Hertfordshire

“Thanks for what was evidently a very successful Report Writing Skills Course with us. The course went down very well with the team.”

D McCabe - Senior Analyst, Enders Analysis | London

“Lee is an inspiring and energetic individual. Thank you for taking the time to bring out the hidden issues within the team. Well Done!”

J T - Administration | UK